Tuesday, April 17, 2007

How do you spell Stone? H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!

After introducing an ordinance to limit contributions from organized labor to $1,500.00 Berny Stone continues to behave like a hypocrite when it comes to the donations he accepts. On Monday, April 15 Berny took in the following donations in excess of $1,500.00.

North Water Market Inc.
2626 W. Devon
Chicago, IL 60659 $10,000.00
4/16/2007 1A

Illinois Fire Sprinkler Contractors PAC

62 Orland Square Drive Ste. 201
Orland Park, IL 60462 $4,000.00
4/16/2007 1A

RPAC Realtors
P.O. Box 19451
Springfield, IL 62794 $5,000.00
4/16/2007 1A

Friday, April 13, 2007

Berny will tell you anything to keep his job -- even lie!

LIE #1: Naisy will increase property taxes.

TRUTH: Naisy supports a property tax cap and is in favor of the proposed legislation in Springfield capping our property taxes to 7%. Naisy also supports tax reform, including the way in which public schools are funded. She supports the Center for Tax and Budget Accountability's proposed state legislation which would reduce property taxes by 25%. Berny on the other hand has increased taxes we need to pay, like our gas bills, and has wasted tax payer money in frivolous projects like the wall on Howard, which cost tax-payers $150,000 to build and then another $150,000 to take down. On top of that, he led the fight to give himself an $82,000 pay raise saying that he was, “worth the money.”

LIE #2: Berny has worked hard for our schools.

TRUTH: The “new library” at Boone School is 10 years old and was fought for by parent advocates—not Berny Stone. The Rogers School campus park was six years late in the making and cost tax-payers twice the amount of money because of the delay. In addition, a new school at Whipple and Northshore was promised 10 years ago. Residents have yet to see this new school break ground, and have had no input in the location or focus of the elementary school. Currently Berny is not an advocate for our schools in City Hall. Naisy, as a mom and member of the Decatur Classical School’s LSC would fight for our kids’ future.

LIE #3: Berny is fighting hard for safer streets.

TRUTH: Just one year ago Berny Stone publicly opposed the cameras our CAPS representatives requested, actively turning down money set aside to use them in the 50th ward. Now he has two cameras up in an election year, neither of which are operational yet. This is too little, too late. Naisy is in favor of street cameras to keep our public spaces safe for our children and would advocate for increased police foot patrol in our neighborhoods. For her safe streets plan she is endorsed by the Fraternal Order of Police.

LIE #4: Naisy is beholden to special interests.

TRUTH: Naisy is an independent voice. Since Naisy went into the run-off she has gained the support of two unions, and is proud to stand up for working families, but their contributions to her campaign only make up less than 7% of the total she has raised. Berny Stone on the other hand has accepted over $150,000 in special interest money from big business and developers wishing to do business with the city (www.elections.il.gov). Naisy rejects “pay-to-play” politics and has built her campaign from the ground up, with hundreds of modest donations from family, friends, and neighbors in the ward looking for real change.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Stone continues hypocrisy

On Wednesday, April 11, Alderman Stone accepted $15,000 from the Chicago Association of Realtors. With this contribution the Chicago Association of Realtors has donated $25,000.00 to the Stone campaign. Alderman Stone wants to limit donations from labor unions to $1,500.00, but he gladly accepts much larger sums of money from his contributors.

Folks the facts are in, Berny is a plain and simple hypocrite!

Stone called out for Hypocrisy!

50th ward challenger cites $171,100.00 that Stone has
received from contributors who have given $2,000.00 or more

CHICAGO, Apr. 11, 2007—Today, Naisy Dolar criticized Alderman Bernard Stone for introducing an ordinance that seeks to limit political contributions from labor unions to $1,500.00, while not placing limits on donations from groups like the Chicago Chamber of Commerce, Wal-Mart and other businesses.

“Let me be clear on the issue of campaign finance reform — Alderman Stone is a plain and simple hypocrite,” said Dolar. “He believes in one set of rules for himself and another set of rules for everyone else.”

While Stone seeks to limit labor union donations to $1,500, an analysis of his contributions reveals that he has raised $171,100 from contributors who have given $2,000 or more.

“Alderman Stone continues to demonstrate his contempt for the democratic process,” said Dolar. “He needs to understand that the people of Chicago will no longer tolerate politicians who try to live outside the rules that they impose on others."

Donors who have given Alderman Stone $2,000.00 or more
between January 1, 2006 and April 10, 2007

Totaled by donor—e.g. Chamber of Commerce represents three separate donations

Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce PAC-$22,500.00
Building Owners and Managers Assoc.-$10,000.00
Chicagoland Apt. Assoc.-$10,000.00
Chicago Association of Realtors-$10,000.00
Citizens for Tunney-$10,000.00
First C. D. Victory PAC-$10,000.00
Illinois Fire Sprinkler Contractors PAC-$10,000.00
Illinois Merchants Political Action-$9,000.00
Committee to Elect James A. DeLeo II-$5,000.00
Friends of William J.P. Banks-$5,000.00
Rothner, Eric 2201 W. Main Street Total-$5,000.00
Glenner, Sidney 2959 W. Glenlake Total-$3,600.00
Abboud, Ghassan 206 Ambiance Drive Total-$3,000.00
Ello, Thaer 2613 W. Rascher Total-$3,000.00
G & A Construction and Development Inc.-$3,000.00
RCAR Ventures LLLP 2800 W. Peterson Total-$3,000.00
Wal-Mart Stores Inc.-$3,000.00
9362 Joint Venture LLC-$2,500.00
Aldridge Electric Inc. 844 E. Rockland Road Total-$2,500.00
Balaji Travel Network-$2,500.00
Block Electric Company 7107 Milwaukee Avenue Total-$2,500.00
Gunnam, Srinivas 444 Roosevelt Rd. Ste. 333 Total-$2,500.00
Gurtz Electric Co. 77 W. Seegers Road Total-$2,500.00
Huen Electric Inc. 1801 16th Avenue Total-$2,500.00
Kelso-Burnett Co. 5200 Newport Drive Total-$2,500.00
Meade Electric Company Inc.-$2,500.00
Continental Electrical Construction Company-$2,000.00
Hanna Architects Inc.-$2,000.00
Khan, Desmuk-$2,000.00
Khezeran, Rony-$2,000.00
Linda Lee Enterprises Inc.-$2,000.00
People for Terrence J. O'Brien-$2,000.00
Reliable Carpentry Inc. 721 Van Auken Total-$2,000.00
S & C Electric 6601 N. Ridge Blvd. Total-$2,000.00
Sindhu, Shaukat 100 N. Elmhurst Rd. Total-$2,000.00
Taurus Electronica Inc.-$2,000.00
TOTAL $171,100.00
Source: Illinois Board of Elections

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Berny Stone and His Cowardly Lyin'

Berny Stone and His Cowardly Lyin'
The staff and volunteers of the Naisy Dolar campaign wish to thank the members of the West Rogers Park Yahoo! group and especially to Greg Brewer and other residents for asking the tough questions of the Stone campaign regarding the "debate" scheduled for the 12th.

As most of you know, we are only 7 days away from election, and Berny Stone still has yet to fulfill his promise to debate Naisy. Instead, he’s trying to set up a bogus debate done in the most cowardly way.

Back in February, Berny Stone told the Chicago Reader that he would debate his opponents one-on-one, and this was reiterated in a WBEZ-FM story later. He has since had two opportunities to appear at a debate: 1) the West Rogers Park Community Organization's Candidates’ Forum on March 11; and 2) on WTTW Chicago Tonight, PBS Channel 11, on April 2. He failed to appear at the first, and backed out of the latter.

Now, Berny Stone is trying to set up a one-sided, "pseudo" debate for April 12, only FIVE days before the election --a time when local community papers cannot even cover it because of their deadline. In addition, a member of his campaign team, Michael Moses, contacted our office several weeks ago to set up this debate, claiming it was sponsored by three different organizations.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Alderman Stone try to give a "favor-to-friend"


CHICAGO -- March 28, 2007—Naisy Dolar, candidate for alderman in Chicago’s 50th ward, called for Alderman Bernard Stone to divulge the three potential buyers who are interested in purchasing the Dominick’s at 6623 N. Damen, which closed on Monday, March 26. The same day the Dominick’s closed, Stone received a $1,500.00 donation from Michael Bousis, owner of Fresh Market and possibly one of the three potential buyers. In an interview on ABC7, Stone told reporter Andy Shaw that there were bidders interested in the property and was shown thumbing through literature for Fresh Market.

“Is this another infamous ‘favor-to-friend’ scenario?” asked Dolar. “If Fresh Market is one of the bidders on the Dominick’s location and gave a $1,500.00 donation to Alderman Stone, other bidders may do the same if they haven’t already. Alderman Stone should divulge who those bidders are.”

With the Dominick’s closing, the 50th ward is left without any full service supermarkets.

“The residents of the 50th ward need a viable retail outlet that benefits the community, not just his campaign donors,” said Dolar. “If Fresh Market is truly interested in bidding on this location then Alderman Stone should return their donation so that the process is open and fair.”

The ABC7 clip is available at: http://abclocal.go.com/wls/story?section=politics&id=5152863